Denizen Washroom

We're merging nature with technology to enable a revolution: incredible bathrooms & showers for events & the outdoors.

A core human ritual, elevated

Setting expectations for the modern era - delightful experiences, sophisticated materials, groundbreaking sustainability.

The way bathrooms
should work

Easy to clean. Turning waste into compost. Recycling water for flushing & irrigation. Solar-powered. Off-grid. 3D-printed from sustainable, waterproof biopolymer.

Printed to order

Made by humans & machines in our state-of-the-art 3D printing facility, this exciting technology allows revolutionary functionality & gorgeous design with minimal waste.

A space you'll love

Ditch the porta potties, outhouses & industrial trailers. Spend time in a bathroom so inspiring that it might just replace your home one.

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The Specifics:

The Specifics:

What does each Washroom include?

Where can a unit be located?

What kind of electricity is required?

What kind of water supply is required?

How does it produce hot water?

How is waste (blackwater) managed?

How are sink & shower runoff (greywater) managed?

How much usage can one unit handle?

Can I combine multiple units?

Do you offer additional configurations?

Can you tell me more about how a Washroom is made?

Can I see one in person?

When can I get one?